05-02-2020 three new artworks: - David with Love- Mariyn and PoP ArT - The flying corsage in the door - arrived at Popstreet.shop These artworks are originals and a combination of phototransfer and acrylic painting on canvas, laquered.

03-26-2020 Group exhibiton "Art Booster" with "Red temptation", "Venetian Beauty" und "What a beauty" in the Gallery Popstreet.shop, Glashüttenstr. 105 Karoviertel, Hamburg

02-27-2020 Group exhibition "Starke Frauen - Starke Bilder" with "Collage of Venetian Beauties" in the Gallery Popkiss Art&Social, Friedrichstr. 62 in Schleswig

01-23 up to 03-21-2020 Group exhibiton "One from me. One for you" with "The face and N.Y.C." in the Gallery Popstreet.shop, Glashüttenstr. 105 Karoviertel, Hamburg.

New at the Gallery Popstreet.shop

These three ladies are ready for the group exhibition "Art Booster" in the Gallery Popstreet.shop, Glashüttenstraße 105, 20357 Hamburg from 26th of March 2020. All three artworks are orginals (photo transfer and lacquered on canvas).

"Collage of Venetian Beauties"  original artwork (mixed media, phototransfer, lacquered on canvas) was seen on the 27th of februray 2020 in the Gallery Popkiss Art&Social at Schleswig and just sold.

"The face and N.Y.C." as original artwork (mixed media, acrylic and varnished on alu-dibond) from 23th of January in the Gallery Popstreet.shop at Hamburg and just sold.

"Woman's flower power flower with colors" (Original artwork: Combination of print and acrylic colors) exclusive for the Gallery Popstreet.shop for the new opening of the Gallery Popkiss Galerie Art & Social at Schleswig on 11-14-2019 .


14th of November 2019 "Womans flower power" at the opening of the Popkiss Galerie Art&Social Friedrichsstr. 62 in Schleswig

24th of May to 22th of June 2019 Group exhibiton "Afrikonografie" with "Afri Cola in mind" Popstreet.shop Galerie, Glashüttenstr. 105 im Karoviertel, Hamburg

"The face in the forest": Only 19 signed prints on Alu-Dibond 75x100 cm available.


"Afri Cola in mind" 30x40 cm on acryllic glass signed sold at the Vernissage "Afrikonografie" May 2019.

04th of July 2018 to 18th of August 2018 Group exhibition "#hot #summer" with "Green lips and eyes" Popstreet.shop Galerie, Glashüttenstr. 105 in the Karoviertel, Hamburg

12.06.2018 -13.06.2018 Group exhibition "Sex sells!" with "Having a secret" at the Kiezalm, Reeperbahn Hamburg

This mannequin I found visiting the Popstreet.shop Gallerie. She is standing in the shower. Of course I took pictures of her. The first digital artworks are now ready.

Since 03-04-2018 cooperation with the gallery popstreet.shop Glashüttenstr. 105, 20357 Hamburg (Karolinenviertel)




Popstreet.shop offers limited editions on Alu-Dibond from my digital artworks above.