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I am fascinated by the combination of photography and digital editing.The intensy of colors and the use of background structures are the focus of my works. Since 2011 I am using my fantasy for transferring conventional photographs to pictures being "different".

Photo by Asja Caspari


NEW November 2017 my homepage is more comfortable for smartphones







"Enjoying the Sixties" will be shown at the New York Artweeks from

5th - 16th of March 2018 at the screen of the ARTBOX PROJECT NEW YORK 1.0 .


Also Shakespeare is related to "The face in the forest"

Found in the Internet. A spanish poem under "The face in the forest".

18.07.2017 Artist of the week at artvergnuegen.com

"Having a secret" on the Screen of The Artbox.Project Basel 1.0 at the Art Basel 2017.

"Having a secret" at the Baselartweeks June 2017

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